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Core Values

Core Values


Sportsmanship - Foremost of all values is to learn a sense of fair play. We become humble in victory and gracious in defeat. We will foster friendship with teammates and opponents alike.

Respect for the Individual - Treat all others as you would expect to be treated.

Integrity - We seek to foster honesty and fair play beyond mere strict interpretation of the rules and regulations of the game.

Pursuit of Excellence - Each member of the organization, whether player, volunteer, or staff, should seek to perform each aspect of the game or the association, to the highest level of his or her ability.

Enjoyment - It is important for the hockey experience to be fun, satisfying and rewarding for all participants.

Self Esteem – We will promote the development of confidence and self esteem in players at all levels to use the sport of ice hockey to better prepare children for future challenges beyond hockey. 

Teamwork - We value the strength of loyalty and learning to work together. The use of loyalty and teamwork is reinforced and rewarded by success in all areas of our association.

Equal Opportunity - We will foster an environment that provides a fair and equal opportunity for all who are interested to participate in the program. Ice time and player selection is always at the coach’s discretion.

Code of Conduct - Each member of the organization should seek to uphold the Ice Dogs Code of Conduct, at all times.  The code of conduct is to be signed by all members at the beginning of every season and will be published on the web site and made available to all who request it.  If a member of the Ice Dogs Organization violates the code of conduct, the chairman of the disciplinary committee will notify him/her in writing.  A hearing will be scheduled and penalties may be assessed in the form of fines, suspension or removal from the organization.  In all cases there will be an appeal process available to the member.

Enjoyment - It is important for the hockey experience to be fun, satisfying and rewarding for all participants!